“Stop acting so small.
You are the universe
in ecstatic motion”. - Rumi

Dominique Larocque, grew up in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, and spent her summers at the family cottage on the Mattawa River. She has carved her counseling practice with a B.A. in Social Sciences bolstered with Gestalt therapy training, a Master of Human Kinetics, and complementary training in energetic healing, eco-philosophy, and end-of-life doula training. Her practice has been strongly influenced by surviving the death of a parent, growing up in a medical family, and her own life experiences as a two-time national team athlete, graphic artist, and restaurateur. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her company, Creative Wheel Consulting, and her mountain bike school, LaRoccaXC. She is convinced of the healing power which environmental aesthetics holds in our society. Dominique continues celebrating her Algonquin heritage and her deep love of nature by designing trails and sacred land-art / outdoor spaces, inviting individuals in reclaiming their inner space for personal health. She now resides in Rupert, Quebec, where she is fully committed to celebrating her late partner, Canadian painter John Eaton (www.johneaton.ca), ensuring that his legacy and creations live on in the hearts of many art lovers and nature enthusiasts for many years to come. 


Teaching from the heart and the outdoors Ottawa Outdoors Magazine Winter 2012 – Dave Brown
PDF - Teaching from the heart and the outdoors

Education and Training

  • M.A. Human Kinetics (Sport Psychology), University of Ottawa (2008) & B.A. Social Sciences (Recreation), University of Ottawa (1984) & N.C.C.P. Coaching Level 3 (1998)
  • Gestalt Therapy Certification, Gestalt Institute of the National Capital, Ottawa (2001)
  • Level 3 Therapeutic Touch, Ottawa (2004) & Level 2 Reiki, Ottawa (2001) & (EDxTM) Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods Level 1 2 (2005) & Yoga Exercise Certificate, East to West Yoga, Renfrew (2007) & Basic Shamanic Training, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, New York (1999)
  • Certified Death Doula (April 2022) | IAP Career College

Athletic achievements

  • Member of the Women's Canadian National XC Mountain Bike Team (1991) & Canadian National In-line Skating Team | Races for TREK USA
  • Member of the Women's Canadian National XC Mountain Bike Team (1991) & Canadian National In-line Skating Team (1996)
  • National In-line Women Champion (1996) | Races for Rollerblade USA
  • Pro-Elite 100K Speed Skating Marathon, Finland, 1st place (42K) and 2nd place (100K) on the following day (1994)
  • Pro-elite 50K In-line skating marathon, 5th place  and new record set for the 10K race in Central park the following day (1992)
  • Pro-elite 100K New York City In-line marathon, 2nd place (2002)

Entrepreneurial and leadership achievements (1994-2023)

  • Opens a small café (Café Meech) in Chelsea Quebec in 1994 and sells it a year later to start Creative Wheel Consulting Inc.
  • Played a strong leadership role is establishing a mountain bike community at Camp Fortune and in the Gatineau Park from 1997 to 2003 as the National Capital representative for the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA). She was the lead catalyst in the creation of IMBA Canada in 2004 with Mark Schmidt and Lora Woolner.
  • Embarks on her own entrepreneurial path by purchasing a 108 acres farm to transform into a forest recreation and forest healing destination (2003).
  • Receives a Tourisme Outaouais nomination in the Sustainable Development category and wins the prestigious Coup de Coeur award in the Outaouais (2010)
  • Receives the prestigious Coup de Coeur award in the popular outdoor magazine GéoPlein Air (2011)
  • Receives a beautiful write up on her feminist approach to mountain bike coaching in the popular bicycle magazine Vélo Mag (2017)
  • Played a strong leadership role in guaranteeing public safety both on the Rideau Canal Skateway and the cross-country ski trail system in the Gatineau Park through (2010-2017)
  • A strong proponent of the Leave No Trace movement and an advocate for a trail for every user, she succeeds to create two distinct recreation zone on her land and rebranding into the Amik Forest Project, to showcase and educate visitors on sustainable development (2019).
  • Receives (2020) the summer contract to advise and collaborate in the design, build, and maintenance of the summer trail network at Nakkertok North, now owned by the municipality of Val-des-Monts.
  • Gets hired to design “La petite forêt de la CRFO” / a beautiful healing trail system with rest areas at the Centre des Ressourcement des Familles de l'Outaouais

Important links that guide her practice